Fine-Quality Contemporary Furnishings

Frisco Bedroom detail

Frisco Bedroom Collection

Cool. Crisp. Clean. Contemporary.
No, we’re not going for alliteration. The prose is like the piece. Sparse, yet packs some verve.

Frisco Dining detail

Frisco Dining Collection

The quality of our materials, forethought of design, and level of comfort mean you can stop comprising.  Unless it’s sharing that last wedge of 5-layer chocolate ganache cake you’re thinking about devouring.

Frisco Family detail

Frisco Family Collection

Shut out the world, leave the anarchy behind.  The symmetry of the Frisco’s lines reminds your eye that everything has its place.  It’s even available in bamboo, a fast growing grass that’s much denser than oak.  It’s not healthy to be green with envy.  Buy already!

Live Edge Bedroom detail

Live Edge Bedroom Collection

What is Live Edge? Unique. Rugged. Bold. Beautiful...
Every piece of our LIVE EDGE furniture is unique, featuring the rugged, natural beauty of an individual tree. This distinctive furniture retains the beauty of the natural wood while offering a bold new look to fine furniture.

Live Edge Dining detail

Live Edge Dining Collection

Just because LIVE EDGE is rough around the edges, doesn’t mean it’s not refined.
We offer many unique, hand-crafted selections, including made-to-order tables as well as a selection of ready-to-ship occasional tables and benches.

Live Edge Family detail

Live Edge Family Collection

No matter how sleek and refined the Live Edge piece, a tree’s edge reminds us how magnificent a designer Mother Nature can be.  You go girl!

Bennett Bedroom detail

Bennett Bedroom Collection

Celebrating the immense influence of the bold Italian contemporary designers, we offer our homage, replete with hand-crafted American precision.  La Dolce Vita!

Bennett Dining detail

Bennett Dining Collection

You don’t have to sport wraparound sunglasses, drape a vicuna coat over your shoulders, and watch obtuse cinematic derivations of a Fellini film to be cool.  You’ve got your own style, and so do we.  Celebrate every day with the Bennett’s angles, deeply burnished hardwood, stainless steel accents, and a vibe as jazzy as a walking bass line in 4/4 time.

Garrison Dining detail

Garrison Dining Collection

Modern?  Industrial?  Contemporary?  A little of each?  The Garrison Dining Collection defies labels and moves into the spotlight as an original.  It doesn’t sing or tap dance, but it’s easy on the eyes.  You’ll find yourself inviting strangers over for dinner just to show off.  

Audri Bedroom detail

Audri Bedroom Collection

An American Original.
Like the Arch that inspired it, the Audri collection marks a dramatic point of departure, inviting you to trade the tired and expected for something exciting and new.

Seating detail


Sit back and relax.
We have the perfect dining chair to complement your style.

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